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Shakira-She Wolf

Do you like shakira’s music tracks?The amazing new album was co-written and produced by Shakira, who worked with a diverse range of superstar producers and songwriters?including Pharrell Williams and the Neptunes, Wyclef Jean, Timbaland and John Hill.
"My biggest motivation was to make an album that people could just have fun with, and forget about their troubles. She Wolf was first heralded by its title track, which quickly became a global smash, driven by its infectious electro groove and attention-grabbing video. The follow-up singles Did It Again and Give It Up To Me, both continued Shakira's latest assault on the world's airwaves, once again proving her ability to make surefire pop smashes while also innovating her sound.
"This was a sonic experimental trip," she agrees. "I wanted to play around with electronica, beats, synthesizers and I began to research folk from other countries looking for new influences that allowed me to combine electronics with world sounds, tambourines, clarinets, oriental and Hindu music, dancehall, etc.,? she has said. "You never know the final destination of a creative project, but from the beginning I wanted to make sure that this album had a very strong foundation. I wanted it to be very bass-driven, and to make sure the kicks hit really hard." She succeeded. Not only does She wolf kick like a mule, it re-affirms Shakira's position at the very top of the pop tree.God Bless!!

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