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Become a music producer

If you want to be a good music Producers, follow this information. It’s help you to getting your dream. Learn how to play multiple instruments, learn how to read sheet music, master tempos and more. Perhaps even write your own music.
·         Learn how to use a soundboard.
Learn how to use multiple pc programs. Some of the major music producers use programs such as Cakewalk Sonar, Reason, Audition or Pro Tools. Hip hop and dance producers may use FL Studio, and this could be used for pop as well. Create some good beats, and don't only write for one genre. Try doing punk, rock, rap, r&b, country, funk, jazz, and the likes. The more genre's you do, the more broad your horizons, the more clients you can have.

·         Invest your money.
You need to invest money into it.  You’ll definitely need to buy hardwares and softwares. Also you need a computer. You need sequencer software, a mic preamp, a keyboard. You need a MIDI Keyboard controller. The midi keyboard is called Musical instrument digital interface, and it creates a (1) and (0) binary musical notation unto a computer. This can be editted on the sequencer into a perfect keyboard production. You need a soundcard with low latency as well. You need condenser mics as well as a soft synthesizer.

·         Learn more about fruity loops.
Music production is much more than fruity loops. I mean, fruity loop is for creating beats. If u want to be a producer, you need to have a passion for it. Trust me, there already big producers in town that trying to think big and start big ill run you down. You need to be a master in what u chooses to do, I call it passion.

·         Start networking with others.
Create business cards. Tell your family and all friends you're producing music. Post bulletins around your neighborhood. You will get clients in no time, if your prices are reasonable. Charge cheaply per hour, or per song. Do you have a cousin or any relation who is a great singer? Then call them to join with you. Remember usually keep family and business separate.

·         Get an internship at a production company.
 Sure, its tough work, but you might get some free time in a recording studio. Soon you might be more trusted and earn a paycheck.

·         Go to college.
 Get a degree. If music production doesn't work out, you have something to fall back on. Sound engineering or something to do with business would be a good choice.

After you receive a high income, you could save up, and start your own music studio with your clients that you have gathered all this time, or can continue your job with a production company. Never stop loving music. Don't lose interest, and don't give up if you love what you're doing.

You also like these tips.

  • Every time have fun with it, don't make it too stressful.
  • Never think you are too good for a client. Take every client that calls you, or comes in through the door.
  • Nothing is ever impossible. If you work hard and practice anything is possible, keep working for it.
  • Try practicing with friends. It’s good method.
  • You won't get enough money to live off of in the beginning, so you can work a full time job, and produce in your spare time.
  • You never know how much money you will make in a year. One year you might make $40,000, the next year you might make $50.
  • Producers make two things- Music and Sacrifices.

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