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Important Things That You Need to Build Professional Recording Studio

Here are the main things that you need to build Professional Recording Studio.

The Main Studio.

The Main Studio presents a warm, creative and intimate environment with its hardwood floors, piano, recessed lighting and custom designed acoustic art panels a colorful abstract triptych of the Black Hills. The Main Studio provides superior live tracking acoustics for virtually all styles of music tracks.

Control Room
The Control Room is just designed for maximum efficiency for 24 track digital recording, mixing and mastering, as well as in house graphic design.

Vocal Booth
The Vocal Booth (left) is a roomy 9' x 7' space for tracking of vocalists or instrumentalists simultaneously with musicians in the Main Studio. Windows provide sightlines to both the Main Studio and the Control Room. The custom hardwood floor and ceiling treatment accurately replicate the acoustic properties of the Main Studio.

Vocal Booth 2
The Vocal Booth 2 (right) is an all purpose acoustically treated space for separate miking of amps or additional musicians (horn players, percussionists) for group recording. This extra room makes it possible to comfortably record an entire band simultaneously while achieving complete track separation.

Raptor produced CDs line the walls of the comfortable and cozy lounge which features kitchenette facilities and room to relax for recording clients.


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