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Promote Your Music Website | Easy guide

1. Join Forums
Join music forums that you like and participate in discussion. Put your website URL in your forum signature, or create beautiful animated banner that links to your website. I highly recommended this Music forum.
2. Comment on other blogs
Leave valuable comments on blogs that you like. Many blogs ask you to enter your name, email address, and website URL. This is great because this gives you an opportunity to link back to your site. Also, when more websites link to your website, you will have a higher search engine ranking. This will make it easier to find your website through search engines.
3. Comment on Myspace pages
Posting bulletins is great, but the bulletins boards are overly spammed and ignored by many. Take little time to leave a good comment on someone’s page with some kind words, and hopefully they will check out page, and my Myspace name happens to be my URL that hopefully check out.
4. Join Social networks
This is the best method to Promote Your Music Website. I’m not picking one more then the other, but there are a lot of online communities you can join to possibly generate huge traffic. A lot of the sites allow you to enter your URL in the profile. The goal of joining these additional communities is to become an active member, gain friends and interest, and getting them to come to your site.
Here are some social sites I think you should look into
5. Make a Youtube Video
Well don’t just make a video for promoting purpose. Make some useful thing for others. Youtube is the best website to Promote Your Music Website. There are plenty of other video sites around. Start a video blog, make some beat making video, do a tutorial. Do something. But make it entertaining, and put your URL in your video and on the side bar of the video.
Good tips to shooting videos
  • No Lights No Camera, No Action.
  • Video Effects; the hot sauce of your YouTube video world!
  • Camera Placement….a Smosh Love Story.
  • Exclusive! Leaked! How to make Viral Videos!
All the people hate spammers. Please Don’t Spam! Don’t just post a crappy comment to post your URL. By doing these things you are building a bad name for yourself and the URL you are posting.

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