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The Importance of Mixing Music Tracks on High Quality Monitors

Having high quality recording studio monitors for mixing music and mastering is no big secret, any audio enthusiast will tell you. Studio monitors are not necessarily made to make music sound good, although a well recorded and mixed music album will sound very good through them. They are made to reveal all the details of recorded sound; this means the good ones and the bad. The point of having monitors, as opposed to regular multimedia speakers, is to be able to tell when music is improperly mixed. Regular listening speakers have a habit of making everything sound at least pretty good and hiding poor quality sound samples.

Luckily, high quality audio recording studio monitor speakers are not as expensive as they used to be. Many people might tell you that you need to spend thousands of dollars in order to get worthwhile monitors, but this is simply not true. A good enough pair to do professional quality work can now be had for $300-$400, but I would warn against going to far under that amount, for you will notice a decline in quality.
Once you have your professional grade studio monitors, you will immediately notice what a difference it makes mixing with them. One of the things they do best that regular speakers don’t make so clear is that they really isolate music instruments and sounds and point out where they are in the stereo field. This can help you make your mixes sound full and balanced, and if you try doing this on regular speakers, you will often find what sounded full and balanced was really weak and thin.

Some people may hesitate on getting studio monitor speakers because they think they are not good at music mixing, or they don’t have the space, or whatever reason, but there is no good reason not to get them. You won’t be able to make good mixes until you do get them, and they are easier to fit into any space than ever before. Now also have various kind of studio monitors.LCD is old, LED is the latest one. It’s better than LCD monitors. It’s good for entertainment.

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