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Add Music Player to Your Blog

I think you all like to add a nice music player to your blog because it may enhance the pretty good reading experience to your blog visitors. So that visitors can listen to the audio songs in the browser via the Flash player. This music player is small in size and also very easy to customize. So, Here we explore Flash based MP3 player. Let’s learn how to add mp3 to your Blogger Blog or website.

Step 1. Upload the music file to free file hosting servers on the internet. There are so many sites that provide free music file hosting. Use google "Free music hosting". Once you upload, they will give you with a direct link to that music file.

Eg:- http://---------- .com/your.`musicfile

(Extension can be .mp3, .wav, .mid or any other audio extension)

Step 2. Here is the HTML code, that  you need to add music player to your blog.

Click here to download Code

Customize code
width: width of the music player
height: height of the music player
autostart : you want the music to start playing automatically ? Or leave it to visitor’s choice? (Customize Values: false or true)
MUSIC FILE URL : link to your music file

Step 3. You can add the music player anywhere you want in your Blogger blog. Simply you can add the new HTML/java Script box and paste the above code and save it. If you use the autostart value: true, the music automatically plays. But, it annoys many readers.

If you want to continue playing the same music track again and again until the visitor click on the 'STOP' button, Edit the value to 'true'. If you want the music to stop once the track is completed, use 'false'
Happy Blogging!

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  1. I read this info after reading i wanna thanks to about share these info about the adding the music player in the my blog.i was searching for these thing.because i want to add some thing new in my blogs.thanks for giving the information...


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