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Guitar Buying Tips for Beginners

I think these guitar buying tips will help you to make a better decision and you could also get some kind of ideas that you seek out the right instrument to meet your needs. 

01. Firstly you should understand what type of guitar you are looking for. Present period, four types of guitars available on the market. See below.

Types of guitars

Classic – This type of guitar has been designed with a wider neck to facilitate finger picking techniques. This is the old style of acoustic guitar *EBay Price: $100 - $1000
Acoustic – Actually acoustic guitar doesn’t require amplification to be heard. This type of guitar can be strung with a variety of strings either wound steel strings. *EBay Price: $35 - $80
Electric – This type of guitar needs an amplifier to be heard more than a few feet away from the player. *EBay Price: $100 - $500
Electric /Acoustic - This instrument can be played with or without an amplifier and still be heard. *EBay Price: $150 - $500 High quality- up to $1500 

02. You must want to know what type of music styles you hope to play and then buy a guitar.
Different types of music styles. (Especially for guitars artists)

Blues: any of the 4 basic types are suitable
Classical: acoustic nylon string classic guitar
Country: acoustic steel string, acoustic/electric, or electric
Fingerstyle: acoustic, acoustic/electric, classic
Folk: acoustic, or acoustic/electric
Jazz: any of the 4 basic types are suitable but you see a lot of hollow body electrics used
Rock: usually played on an electric
Metal: electric
Heavy Metal: electric

03. Students with smaller hands (like children, small adult people) should think about purchasing an electric guitar or nylon stringed acoustic guitar as they are easier to play.

04. Go with most popular and quality brand names. The most popular brands are Yamaha, Fender, Gibson, Martin, Ovation and Washburn. I highly recommend Yamaha or Gibson guitars for beginners because these guitars are well made and price ranges is little bit low. 

05. Search in the internet for more info and read classified ads like Craigslist. It’s very important.

06. Online shopping for a guitar is another great way to save money and to compare prices across a wide variety of sellers. My recommendation is *EBay. It’s my favorite online shopping web site. You can bid for the guitars from there. Also some companies provide online shopping facility. Make sure the company has a money back guarantee and what their items return policies are. 

07. You will get enough information about buying guitars, go for it!

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