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Few steps to making Rock music

Do you dream of becoming a rock star but don’t know where to begin? Muzichunters can teach you how to make rock music for beginners. A typical rock band consists of a drummer, a bass guitar player, a guitarist and a singer. In many cases, the singer will be playing the guitar or bass as well. You might have 2 or 3 guitars in your band, perhaps a good keyboard player. It depends on who you find and what style of music you play. Make sure that they can actually play something, have a basic knowledge of musical theory, and are actually interested in playing and performing. Maybe a drummer, and 3 guitarists, and nobody sings. Put the worst trumpet player on tuba. The part is so easy, that the student will be playing perfectly. Also, singing comes with maturity. Make sure everyone has an instrument to use. You can purchase a guitar or bass for some dollars. Drum sets can be about 300 dollars and you also need amps for everyone. They usually come in starter packs, but you can get a small one for 100 for guitar or bass. Percussionists play drums. Get someone who has played music in a previous band, or really knows how to keep time while playing. Whoever works the percussion lays the backbeat for everyone else, so they have to be consistent.
Mics usually go into a PA system in a concert hall or club or anywhere they have music normally. For practices, it can be a pain. It's not going to be loud enough, but plug it in to a bass amp or a stereo system that you might have for Cd's. You just need the right adapter.
Now it's time to try and play a song. In the beginning, try a simple session. Have the drummer do a simple beat, and have the bassist play quarter notes on E. Then have the guitarist strum an E chord in either quarter notes or eighth notes. If there is another guitar or whatever, have he or she solo in the pentatonic E scale. It sounds hard, but the best part is that it's very hard to be bad. Just play E G A B D E in different orders, in different rhythms.
It's time to write a song.
All you have to do is write a quality poem. It doesn't have to rhyme, though it sounds better when it does. Try to pick a good topic, like running to the store or going on vacation or something. Or it could be random, and not make any sense whatsoever. Then, once you make lyrics, come up with a simple chord progression. Many times, the 4 and 5 chords are used. For instance, if you were playing a song in G, maybe the chords would be G D A C, or 1 5 2 4. Then, try and come up with a little guitar lick or some kind or little melody to play in between the verses and chorus and stuff.
That is the basic part of your song. Then: (Lead Part) (Verse 2) (Chorus) (Bridge) (Chorus) (Ending) this is typical of a rock song. Once you've practiced that enough, try to make a few more songs and learn some easy covers. Your first performance should be in front of people you know. From there, move on to battle of the bands competitions. You do not have to win, just get experience and so people know you exist. Over time, your band will get better. You'll lose your members and gain new members. You'll upgrade your music equipment. You might get a PA and Massive amps. You might get a record deal and go on tour.

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