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How to become famous with music

Becoming famous is not very easy. You must have some kind of talent in different paths, like singing, acting Etc. That’s not all there is to it, no matter what anybody else says. Many people may try to rip you down and tarnish your self esteem and reputation. You need to be able to remain unaffected by that. There’s a lot of competition out there, Millions of people want the fame and fortune of a successful singing career. If you are able to write a good poem that you and other people can relate to, then you have yourself a song. All you need is to figure out what notes to sing for your melody, and what musical instruments to add in. Take risks. The most singers overcame any fear to do things that would draw attention and create controversy. They always manage to leave people wondering what they'll do next. Find more connections. Be in the places where successful musicians/producers meet and act like you're part of the music/movie industry.Once you are there don't go back home, and never try to make your name in your hometown unless you happen to live in a music city. It’s okay to play at home but not all the time only sometimes. You'll have to start somewhere; just don't take making your name from there seriously. 
The media will have that attitude also. "Why should we help you?" They may see dollar signs and expect you to pay them, too, for advertising or to just mention you in the newspaper or on radio/TV. Learn about music industry/movie itself, so as to not get fooled by bad contracts or by verbal agreements. Spoken words are really only worth the paper they get written down on, and signed by all parties to the correct agreement. Spoken words are may be great, but any larger amount of money can not be enforced or collected in court, or anywhere else unless it is in writing, signed, witnessed and notarized: that is called formal agreement. Do more Practice. Remember that practice makes not perfect, but permanent. Showcase yourself as much as you can. Get more experience and get exposure to groups and crowds. They may ignore you, but still sing in every opportunity you get, but make sure you are truly good enough to become noticed and famous. Judge your talent by the company you attract. Many singers attract the better musicians. If no one that is really good likes you, then work on whatever is not quite right yet. Get noticed by talented people. Sometimes they can open doors and then you have to be ready to walk through and to make a run at your big chance. You need to remember everything that you have could be gone in an instant. There are better singers than you will ever be, but something about you will make you unique and stand alone. And never forget, that there is ALWAYS someone better out there. Good luck for all!

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